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Select The Right Building & Pest Inspection Course

Select The Right Building & Pest Inspection Course

Every state and territory has different regulations when it comes to building and pest inspections and licences – we’re here to simplify things for you.

All inspectors would benefit from completing both the building and pest courses AIT offer, though if you’re wondering what the minimum requirements are for your region check out the information below.

For your reference please see which units our courses are comprised of:

Building Inspector Course – 10 sections approved by QBCC

General Pest Management Course – CPPPMT3005, CPPPMT3006, CPPPMT3018

Timber Pest Management Course – CPPPMT3008, CPPPMT3010

Quick Facts – Requirements Per Region

Building Inspector Course (Required in QLD and recommended for all states)

General Pest Management Course (Required in QLD only)

Timber Pest Management Course – (Required in ALL states)


Queensland is the most regulated state in Australia when it comes to building and pest inspections. Builders must complete the relevant courses then apply to the QBCC to have these extra licences put onto their existing licence number.

Builders must have held (at minimum) their low-rise builders licence for at least 5 years to be eligible for a Complete Residential Building Inspectors licence. They also need to complete the Building Inspector Course which is written and regulated by the QBCC. If you’re ready to apply for you building inspector licence, head to the QBCC.

In Queensland, builders must complete both General and Timber Pest Management Courses to be eligible to apply for a Pest Management Technician licence. To apply for a Pest Management Licence, visit QLD Health.

Once approved through QLD health, inspectors must attach this new licence to their QBCC licence through their website.

All Other States & Territories 

Building and pest inspecting is unregulated in all other regions. Although you are not legally required to undertake a building inspection course and timber pest inspection course, it is highly recommended.

The building inspection course is a nationally recognised course that covers the Australian Standards used during building inspections. It also gives you the opportunity to do a practise building inspection report.

The timber pest management course is important for inspectors to undertake as it gives you invaluable information on identifying, reporting and treating termites. This course is also nessesary as most insurers looks for the units compelted within this course, so you will be eligble for a lower premium.

Your trainer will help you through your course content and is always around to talk with you if you get stuck. You have 6 months to complete your course though we find that most students complete the building course within 2-4 weeks and the pest courses in 6-8 weeks.

Need some more help? Contact us via email or phone.

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