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How To Apply For Your Pest Licence

How To Apply For Your Pest Licence

It can be confusing applying for your pest licence in Australia. Each state and territory have different requirements and government bodies that issue licences.

We want to make this process as easy as possible for our students. So, we’ve collated the information you’ll need to get started on your application.

After you have completed the pest course that is relevant to your state or territory you will receive a statement of attainment from Australian Inspector Training. With this statement of attainment, you will be able to apply for you licence with the relevant government body.

The list below give you the starting point for each state or territory to apply for your licence.


You’ll need to start by applying through QLD Health, access the application page. Visit website 

New South Wales

Builders will need to apply through the Service NSW website. Visit Website


In Victoria, you can access the pest licence application form through the VIC Department of Health. Visit Website 


Visit the Tasmanian Government site to apply for your pest licence. Visit Website

South Australia

Builders can use the SA government website to apply for their licence in South Australia. Visit Website

Northern Territory

Visit the government website to apply for you license in the Northern Territory. Visit Website

Australian Capital Territory

ACT builders need to go to the government website to apply for their licence. Visit Website 

Western Australia

Builders in Western Australia can apply for their licence through WA Department of Health. View PDF 

Download our Building and Pest Inspector Brochures

Download our Pest Inspector Brochure

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