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Australian Inspector Training

Combined Building & Pest
Inspection Course
Get licenced and start

We offer builders the opportunity to study both their building inspection course and pest inspection course within the same training platform.
Queensland builders must be licensed as both a building inspector and a pest inspector, and these courses provide you with the statement of attainment you need to apply for both licences.
Forget giving up weeks of work to attend in-house training, simply apply online and start learning!

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Australian Inspector Training

Course Overview

Your course is split into two sections, building inspections and pest inspections.
In the building inspection course you will learn the essentials needed to conduct building inspections throughout Queensland.
The pest inspection course will cover the 5 units needed to attain a pest management licence.
Please note that upon completion of the 5 core units, students are required to undertake practical experience with a licenced pest management technician.
Students will need to fill out a log book noting the tasks they complete with their supervisor, as outlined within the pest course.
Students need to organise their own practical experience by contacting their local pest management technician and accompanying them to jobs.

Building Inspector Course

Section 1

Customer Service Skills

Section 2

Effective Communication

Section 3

Report Writing

Section 4


Section 5

Site inspection procedures and techniques

Section 6

Contracts and building legislation in Queensland

Section 7

Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards

Section 8

Workplace health & safety

Section 9

QBCC dispute procedure

Section 10

Insurance and legal implications

General Pest Management


Manage pests without applying pesticides


Manage pests by applying pesticides


Maintain equipment and pesticide storage area in pest management vehicles


Inspect for and report on timber pests


Control timber pests

Course Timeframe

Students are able to study these units in their own time with 24/7 access to the training platform and week day access to trainers.
Students have up to 6 months to complete the assigned units from the day you enrol.

Getting your Building &
Pest Inspection Licences

To receive your building inspection licence you must lodge your statement of completion with the QBCC.
To receive your pest inspection licence you must lodge your statement of competition with the Queensland Department of Health.

What Does it Cost &
How Can I Pay?

Pay for your course upfront or over 12 weeks.
Upfront Payment – $2995 incl. gst (Use Code: 10off and get 10% Off)
12 Week Payment – $249.60/week incl. gst

Want to enrol in the Combined Building &
Pest Inspection course?

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Download our Pest Inspector Brochure

Download our Building Inspector Brochure

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