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Australian Inspector Training

Building Inspection Course
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Here are some quick facts about our building inspection course! 

Do you need advanced computer skills? Absolutely not! Our online learning platform is built of any level of user and guides you through each of the units you need to complete.

Is this course 100% online? Yes, though there is a small practical component where you will use a report template we provide to fill out a building inspection on your own house.

How long will the course take? Approximately 20 hours. It should take you around 2 to 3 weeks to complete the course if you commit to studying a couple of hours per night after work.

Get an overview on what’s covered!

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Australian Inspector Training

Course Overview

This course covers the skills required to undertake building inspections within Queensland. Students will learn the fundamentals of customer service and communication, as well as how to write a report. The course also covers the procedures, techniques and checks builders must understand when carrying out a building inspection.

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Building Code of Australia and Australia Standards

Sections 1 - 10

Section 1

Customer Service Skills

Section 2

Effective Communication

Section 3

Report Writing

Section 4


Section 5

Site inspection procedures and techniques

Section 6

Contracts and building legislation in Queensland

Section 7

Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards

Section 8

Workplace health & safety

Section 9

QBCC dispute procedure

Section 10

Insurance and legal implications

Entry Requirements

Anyone planning to enter the building & pest inspection industry should enrol in this course, it covers everything you need to know about building inspections and the relevant Australian guidelines.
If you are in Queensland and wish to gain a licence to conduct building inspections you must hold a current QBCC licence in Builder Low Rise, Builder Medium Rise or Builder Open. You must have held this licence for at least 5 years to be eligible for the appropriate licence.

Course Timeframe

Students are able to study these units in their own time with 24/7 access to the training platform and week day access to trainers.
Students have up to 6 months to complete the assigned units from the day you enrol.

Getting your Building
Inspection Licence

Once you have completed all units and assessments required within the course you will receive a statement of attainment.
You will need to lodge this statement of attainment with the QBCC to receive your building inspection licence.

What Does it Cost &
How Can I Pay?

Pay for this course upfront or over 12 weeks.
Upfront Payment – $595 incl. gst (Use Code: 10off and get 10% Off)
12 Week Payment – $49.60/week incl gst

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